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Wife of Philadelphia Explorer, Kin of Racine, Red Cross Aide


Mrs. Mary Racine Cardeza, wife of Thomas Drake Martinez Cardeza, Philadelphia sportsman and explorer, died today in Jefferson Hospital after a long illness. Her age was 63.
Mrs. Cardeza, descendant of Jean Racine, the seventeenth-century French dramatist, was born in France and spent most of her youth in Switzerland. After her marriage early in this century she and her husband lived on their estate in Austria.
At the outbreak of the first World War Mrs. Cardeza entered Red Cross service on the European eastern front and in 1916 was decorated by the Red Cross for her work in the Radom district of Russian Poland and along the Rumanian border. Her husband, member of an old Philadelphia family, was active in aiding Americans in Austria. He is a survivor of the Titanic disaster.
Returning to the United States in 1917, Mrs. Cardeza was appointed secretary to the chief investigator of the New York State Bureau of Industries and Immigration.
Her husband is her only survivor.

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