Mrs Weisz on the Carpathia

Mrs Weisz could speak French and second class survivor Juliette Laroche met her on the Carpathia. Her daughter, Louise Laroche, remembered Mrs Weisz well. She was a strong character and on the Carpathia, she cried after her husband: "Mon pauvre Léopold!"; a minute later she was as strong as rock, showing Mme Laroche and Mme Mallet how to steal napkins and towels to make nappies for the babies (Louise, Simonne and André). The widowed mothers would sit on the napkins or towels, in order to hide them, and when crewmen on the Carpathia asked for them, they only spoke French, and explained that they could not speak English, that they did not understand what they were asked for, until the crewmen gave up their search for the napkins which became diapers. On the Carpathia Mrs Weisz was a frantic, desperate widow and, at the same, time a very powerful woman who saved Mme Laroche and Mme Mallet from losing their minds. She played a great role in the lives of the Laroches.

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