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Grounds for the Decision Are Not Disclosed---Couple Were in Titanic Disaster
PHILADELPHIA, June 15---Mrs. Lucille Polk Carter got a decree of divorce
here to-day from William K. Carter. The Carters' country home is at Givedna,
Bryn Mawr. The divorce was recommended by the master before whom the
testimony was taken, but the grounds for the action were not disclosed.

Mr. and Mrs. Carter escaped from the sinking Titanic in April, 1912, in the
boat with J. Bruce Ismay, managing director of the White Star line.

Mrs. "Willie" Carter, as she was known to her intimate friends, was formerly
Miss Lucille Polk, a daughter of an old Baltimore family. She was well known
to society as the belle of the much talked of "Brass Band" of which Harry
Lehr was a member.

She was a noted poloist and was one of the first women to ride astride while
playing the game.

Mrs. Carter entertained lavishly at her home here and at Newport. Mr. Carter
was well known as a polo player and yachtsman.

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