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That Isidor and Mrs. Straus Were Not Saved---Son Doesn't Know Yet
A cablegram was sent yesterday to Nathan Straus, who is in Rome, breaking the news to him that Isidor Straus and Mrs. Straus are among the missing from the Titanic disaster. Mr. Straus, who is not in robust health, was deeply affected. He has cabled for full details. Jesse Straus, son of Isidor Straus, with his wife and daughter, are passengers on the incoming Hamburg-American liner Amerika. It is believed that they have not yet learned of the fate that has probably overtaken Mr. and Mrs. Isidor Straus.

Mrs. Irving Lehman, wife of Justice Lehman and daughter of Nathan Straus, accompanied by Alexander Kinkead, will sail this (Thursday) morning on the George Washington to join Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Straus in Rome. Mr. Kinkead is one of Mr. Straus's secretaries.

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