Near tragedy on the seas for Straus Family

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The following year both Captain Barr and myself were transferred to the Caronia fora voyage down to Alexandria from New York.  Mr. and Mrs. IsadoreStrauss ( sp ) were on board, and occupying one of the suites on theupper deck. Mr. Isadore Strauss was a man much beloved and respected,especially amongst the poor of New York. His charities were unbounded,but he will be chiefly remembered for his establishments, all over thecity, for the free supply of pasteurised milk. Any mother could obtain,without any charge or formality, this sterilised milk either forherself or her children. Mrs. Strauss had a very narrow escape frombeing severely injured whilst on the Caronia. In their sleepingroom the upper berth was occupied by Mr. Strauss and the lower one byhis wife. One morning the upper berth, for some unkown reason, carriedaway, falling on the lower one with so much force that the corner cutdeeply into the pillow. Had Mrs. Strauss's head been there she probablywould have been killed, but luckily she was sleeping with her head nearthe wall, and escaped entirely without injury. The peculiar thing aboutit was that Mr. Strauss had already left the upper berth; we couldnever find out why it had collapsed after his weight had left it. Itmust have been caused by some peculiar bend or twist of the ship. Theywere a sweet and gentle old couple. With all their wealth they were areal Darby and Joan.

Charles Spedding was the purser of the Caronia when the Titanicwent down. He penned the book, Reminiscences of TransatlanticTravellers in 1926.


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