Port of Registry: Southampton
Flagof Registry: British
Funnel:Red, black top
Companyflag: Divided by crossed lines into four equal triangles. Blue at hoist, whiteat top, green at fly, red at bottom
Signalletters: J B K C
Steelhull, one funnel, two screws, one deck
Engines:compound, 4 cyl. 2 each: 19”, 38” x 30” stroke, 1,400 h.p.
Tonnage: Gross 314 Underdeck 278 Net 3
Dimensions:Length 130 ft. Width 25 ft. Depth 11.9 ft.

1910Built and engined by Day, Summers, and Co. Ltd. Northam, Devo YardNo. 145
1961April, sold.


Shelley Dzeidzic


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