Another Chicagoan Still Fears

Chicago Tribune

Some Chicagoans do not know yet whether their relatives were saved by the Carpathia or not.  Edward Manion, who lives at 1848 Lincoln avenue, does not know whether his sister, Miss Margaret Manion, Castle Bar, Ireland, is on her way to Chicago or lying two miles deep off the New Foundland banks.

Miss Manion has been reported in both the list of survivors and the list of lost.  Her brother telegraphed the New York offices of the White Star company on Friday to settle his fears, but he had no reply from them at a late hour yesterday.

"It is hard to sit here and wait, nearly a week after the Titanic went down and not know whether she is alive or dead, Mr. Manion said.  "It may be she has wired me and the messge failed to reach me."

Chicago Tribune, Sunday. April 21, 1912, p. 3, c. 3

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