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Titanic Survivor Learns of Friend's Death on Landing
R. W. Daniel. who jumped from the stern of the Titanic as the great White
Star liner plunged to the bottom on the morning of April 15 last, arrived
here from Liverpool in excellent health and spirits on the steamship Cedric.

He and the late Colonel Gracie were the last survivors to leave the Titanic.
They drifted together in the icy waters of the Atlantic and picked up, and
both had become fast friends when the Cunarder Carpathia landed them safely
in this city less than eight months ago.

Mr. Daniel did not care to recall his experience on the Titanic, but when
the subject was mentioned he said that the hardships endured by those
survivors who did not leave the vessel in lifeboats certainly must have
injured them physically in some way and curtailed their terms of life.

He said he would remain in this city for a few days to see his friend and
fellow survivor Colonel Gracie.

"I suppose you don't know about Colonel Gracie," said a reporter. "Know
about him?" echoed Mr. Daniel. "I have a letter here from him asking me to
be sure and see him on my return from England. I shall get up to see him

"He is dead," said the reporter. "He died on Wednesday."

Mr. Daniel was overcome with grief and his cheery attitude changed to one of
sadness. Thereafter he declined to talk of the Titanic disaster.

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