New Names Added to Those on Board The Titanic - Some Live.

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New Names Added to Those on Board

The Titanic—Some Live.

     Cherbourg, France, April 16---The following are additional names of first-class passengers who went on board the Titanic here.  They were not contained in the list previously published:

First Class

Hayes, Miss M.                                                            Boank, Henry

Compson, A. T.                                                           Smith, Mr. and Mrs. L

Ostby, Mrs. E. S.                                                         Casseber, Mrs. H. A.

                                                                                    Candee, Mrs. C.

                                                                                    Bowdon, Miss

                                                                                    Schabert, Mrs. P.

                                                                                    Mock, Mrs. P. E.

                                                                                    Carter’s Mrs., maid

                                                                                    Birnbaun, Jacob

White, Mrs. J. S. and two servants

Evans, Miss E.

Newall, Miss T.

Frauenthal, J.

Flegenheim, Mrs. A.

     Among the second-class passengers who went on board the Titanic here and whose names were not included in the first list were:


Pernot, P.                                                                     Widener’s, Mrs., maid and valet

Irvan, Mrs.

Among the survivors of this supplementary list are:

Hayes, Miss M.                                                            Boank (or Blank), Henry

Ostby, Mrs.                                                                  Smith, Mrs. L F. or L. T.

White, Mrs. J. S.                                                          Schabert, Mrs. Paul

Flegenheim, Miss or Mrs. A.                                         Candee, Mrs. C.

Southampton, England, April 16---The following passengers whose names were on the list of the Titanic did not embark:

First Class:

Melody, E. A.                                                              Schabert

White, M. J.

Second Class

Jenkins, Dr. J. C.                                                          Wilkinson, Ada

Wilkinson, Mrs. G.



Chicago Record-Herald, Wednesday, April 17, 1912, p. 3, c. 1:

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Cherbourg, Normandy, France
Southampton, Hampshire, England

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  1. Harold Ostby Anthony said:

    There was NO Mrs Ostby. E. Ostby is my great grandfather and the other Ostby was his daugher Miss Helen Ostby. He died and she lived

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