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John S. March, a Newark man, was in charge of the mails on board the Titanic. With his daughter, Miss Nettie March, he lived at 59 Emmett street.For nine years Mr. March has been crossing the ocean in charge of the mails on many liners.  His position corresponded to that of a postmaster on land.  Mr. March was on the Olympic on her last eastward voyage and remained on the other side to accompany the Titanic on her maiden trip.  He was on the Olympic when she met with an accident on her first trip and was on the Kaiser Wilhelm der Grosse when she had a hole stove on her side in 1906.Mr. March was born in Middletown, N. Y., forty-eight years ago.  Prior to going into the marine service he was a railway postal clerk and lived in Port Jervis, N. Y., before coming to Newark eight years ago.  Besides the daughter, with who he lived, he has another daughter, Mrs. John Corwin, of Elizabeth.  His wife died last June.Miss March was in a state bordering on prostration this morning, having received no news beyond the bare newspaper announcement of the sinking of the vessel.  Mr. Corwin, husband of the other daughter, went to New York early this morning in search of news through government channels.Early last July, while Mr. March was making a trip to this country in his line of duty, his wife, whom he had left at their home, in this city, ten days before, critically ill, died under an operation at St. Barnabas’s Hospital.  No news of the death reached Mr. March until his arrival at New York, four days later.

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