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Thomas H. Kelly, Treasurer of the fund for establishing a memorial of Dr. William O'Loughlin, who perished in the Titanic, announces that he has already received contributions amounting to $1,512 made up of two contributions of $500 each, one of $150, and one of $100, the rest being in small sums. Some friends of Dr. O’Loughlin are desirous of perpetuating his many acts of practical benevolence in connection with St. Vincent's Hospital, an institution for which the lamented doctor had a great affection. It has been decided, in view of Dr. O'Loughlin's eminence in the medical profession, to equip a pathological laboratory in St. Vincent's Hospital in his memory, and to place therein a tablet commemorating his goodness in life and his heroism at its close. The committee having the matter in hand is made up of Frederick M. Hoyt, William W. Heroy, Dr. Edward C. Titus, and Thomas H. Kelly, Treasurer, Temple Court, Beekman Street, to whom checks may be sent by those desirous of helping to keep alive the memory of a brave and good man.
O'LOUGHLIN.--William Francis Norman. A committee of the friends of Dr. O'Loughlin, who perished at sea in the loss of the steamship Titanic on April 15, 1912, express their recognition of the unselfishness of his life and the heroism of his death.

It has been decided that the equipment of a pathological laboratory at St. Vincent's Hospital is the most suitable means by which to record the esteem in which the doctor was held by all with whom be came in contact. It would be but carrying on the work of his life, which he spent in doing kind deeds in secret and in solacing the sufferings of the poor. The medical profession in general and his immediate circle of friends in particular have lost a man whose place it will be difficult to fill, yet, while they are the poorer for his absence, the world is richer for his example of a noble life and of unselfish heroism in the face of death.
FREDERICK M. HOYT, Stamford, Conn.;
WILLIAM H. HEROY, 47 East Sixty-sixth Street, New York;
EDWARD C. TITUS, M. D., Chairman; 127 West Eleventh Street, New York;
THOMAS HUGHES KELLY, Treasurer, Temple Court, Beekman Street, New York,

[The first paragraph above was part of a longer news article entitled "TITANIC RELIEF FUNDS," the rest of which is irrelevant to Dr. O'Loughlin. The balance of what appears above was a memorial notice on the obituary page.]

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