News of the Thorneycrofts on the Titanic

Last message posted at Queenstown

Kent Messenger

...Latterly he had been in the employ of Mr. H. V. Lushington, of Thurnham, and, with Mr. Guest, was on the way to a situation in the States, under the son of Mr. Walter Fromlin's head stockman. His wife, who was very keen on trying life in a new country, was a native of Thurnham, where her mother still lives. Mr. Guest had been in the employ of Mr. Brown, farmer, of Thurnham. The party left Maidstone on Easter Monday.

The last message from them was a postcard to Mrs. Burgess, dated April 11th, containing a view of the Titanic, and posted at Queenstown. This reads as follows:----

Dear Mother, ---Just a postcard to say we have got to Queenstown. We are fair. Did not get any sleep last night. It is nice, but breezy. With love,


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