Nieuw Amsterdam : THE 'NIEUW AMSTERDAM'

Nieuw Amsterdam : THE 'NIEUW AMSTERDAM'

The "NIEUW AMSTERDAM", the largest ship ever built in the Netherlands, will be famous for its architecture, decoration and exceptionally high standard of comfort. Modern profile, pleasing proportions and careful design all reflect the traditions of a great seafaring people. Compared with other ocean giants the "NIEUW AMSTERDAM" may not be the largest or the fastest, but in general comfort and quality of decoration, expressive of a national effort to reproduce in colour and design the harmony of modern life, she is unsurpassed.

The accommodation is divided into three class, Cabin, Tourist and Third, and it is difficult to detect the boundaries of each class by the quality of the decoration or the furniture; rather is the difference between the three classes governed by the position of the cabins and social rooms.

The air-conditioning is the most complete of any ship afloat. In four major public rooms viz, the Cabin Class Dining Saloon and Theatre, the Tourist Class Dining Saloon and the Third Class Dining Saloon the air is mechanically, purified, dried, cooled and circulated.

The completeness of the ventilation in the staterooms and the luxury of bathroom equipment are examples of careful provision for present day needs. In all classes both the temperature and current of the air can be regulated by the passenger. Every room in the Cabin Class has a private bath or shower-bath and toilet, and a large number of cabins in the Tourist Class are also fitted with shower-bath and toilet. There are two spacious sports decks in the Cabin Class, two sports decks in the Tourist Class (one situated between the funnels on the highest deck of the vessel) and a sports deck on the Lower Promenade Deck for Third Class.

Passengers of all three classes find their deck chairs on extensive glass enclosed promenade decks. The Cabin Class Promenade has chairs and tables of the Paris boulevard type at either end and the non-slip rubber flooring is a great aid to easy and quiet walking.

Cabin Class passengers have their own Delft tiled swimming pool, squash court, gymnasium, Turkish bath and permanent theatre seating 3 5o. Modern sound picture apparatus installed in fire-proof compartments is a feature of the Tourist and Third Class, for whose enjoyment there is also a separate swimming pool on 'C' Deck.

The "NIEUW AMSTERDAM" is attractive because it represents the work of many architects, painters, sculptors, glass-workers and other fine craftsmen who have collaborated with understanding. To all those interested in things beautiful, whether ornamental or utilitarian, the "NIEUW AMSTERDAM" has fresh inspiration to offer; and discriminating travellers will find in this vessel a culture linked with their own.

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