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Survivor of Titanic Wreck Tells of Being With Him In a Life Boat

It had for several days been hoped that among the bodies recovered from the wreck of the Titanic would be found that of Arthur Keefe. This hope is now of the frailest nature.

It was reported in this city yesterday that one of the survivors of the disaster, who was treated in St. Vincent's hospital, New York, stated that he knew Arthur Keefe and made his acquaintance while in the steerage of the vessel. This person, whose name has not been ascertained, described Mr. Keefe fully, and stated that they were together in one of the lifeboats after the wreck.

He told that Mr. Keefe succumbed after being taken aboard the lifeboat and that probably his body was left, with those of hundreds of others, when the survivors were taken aboard the Carpathia.

Rahway Aerie No. 1863, Fraternal Order of Eagles, to which Mr. Keefe belonged, is trying in every possible way to obtain tidings of him, and it is very likely that some member will be sent to Halifax to see if his body is not among those recovered by the Mackay-Bennett steamship.

Word has also been received here that a fellow passenger, who was among those rescued, says that he recollects seeing Mr. Keefe standing on the deck of the vessel just before she went down, clad only in his pajamas or underwear. This person states that he recognized Mr. Keefe by a bald spot on the back of his head, and also by a heavy gold ring which he wore on the little finger of his left hand.

The following is a verbatim copy of a letter received by Mrs. Maggie O' Brien from the White Star Steamship Company in reference to her brother.

"Mrs. Maggie O'Brien
Rahway, N. J.
(Third Class Department, April 24)
Mr. Arthur Keefe

"Dear Madam:

"Replying to your favor of the 23d inst., with reference to the above named passenger, we desire to state that we had a passenger by the name of Arthur Keefe among the third class on the S. S. Titanic, but we deeply regret to inform you that we have no record of his having been saved."

"Yours very truly,


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