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Now Huffle Puffle is the Top Dog

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Now Huffle Puffle is the Top Dog

This is Huffle Puffle, the only dog to be presented with a collar and special badge by the Hospital Saving Association.

"Huff," an 11-year-old French bulldog is pictured with her mistress, Miss Eva Hart, of Japan road, Chadwell Heath, Essex.

Miss Hart is welfare officer and H.S.A. honorary group secretary in a Dagenham engineering factory. Huff goes with her to work each day.

The award was made to Huff in recognition of her services to the H.S.A. Her new badge has this inscription: "Huff's H.S.A. Award."

Miss Hart has herself been awarded a certificate in recognition of twenty years' service in the association.

And Huff proved to be a great help to her in recruiting members by carrying leaflets under her collar.

Miss Hart met her first French bulldog - a champion - in the liner Titanic which sank in the Atlantic on April 15, 1912, after striking an iceberg.

She was seven years old at the time, and is believed to be the youngest living survivor of the disaster in which more than 1500 lives were lost.

The French bulldog she had grown fond of on board also went down with the ship.

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