Nurse Alice Cleaver

New York Herald

The nurse, Miss Alice Cleaver, was up at the time of the crash, while the others were in bed. Alarmed by the shock, and wishing to find the cause, but not daring to leave the baby alone, she wrapped him in his carriage rug, and went up to the deck. "This way. Get into the boat quick," was what the nurse heard when she reached the deck. Before she knew what was happening, attachés of the steamship had placed her and the baby in a lifeboat. The father and mother were asleep, as were the two maids. The maids, Mildred Brown and Sarah Daniels, were awakened and made their way to the deck. They likewise were bundled into boats and escaped. While they were being lowered away they saw Mr. and Mrs. Allison being placed in another lifeboat, but this, which was one of the last to leave the stricken steamship, foundered.

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