Oak Park Titanic Survivor

Chicago Daily Tribune

(Photo: Mrs F. R. Kenyon)

A letter written on board the Carpathia was received yesterday by Mrs. George P. Baldwin, 309 Linden avenue, Oak Park, announcing the death of F. R. Kenyon and the safety of Mrs. Kenyon, sister of Mrs. Baldwin and a former resident of Oak Park.
Mrs. Kenyon was unable to write, and the letter was penned by a fellow passenger, but was unsigned. The widow has gone to her mother in Southington, Conn., but will come to Chicago as soon as her health permits.
Mr. and Mrs. Kenyon, who lived in Pittsburgh, were returning from a trip to Panama and Paris. They ended a visit in Chicago soon after Christmas. Mr. Kenyon formerly was associated with Charles Stevens, steel merchant, at 733 South Jefferson street.

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