Olympic Barred Sending Titanic News by Wireless

Chicago American

By wireless to Glace Bay, N. S. --- Edward L. Doheny of Los
Angeles, a passenger on the Olympic, says that a bulletin stating that all the Titanic passengers were safe, was posted on Monday morning and that at 1:30 o’clock he received a Marconi message from William Randolph Hearst asking for news. He incorporated the bulletin in a Marconi message addressed to Mr. Hearst and paid for it. The receipt was numbered “1,” indicating that it was the first private message of the day. A few moments later he was informed that he would not be allowed to use the wireless. He interviewed Captain Haddock, who said the message could not be sent. His money was refunded the following day. At 5 o’clock Monday afternoon, he says, the “all saved” bulletin was posted, with the additional statement that the Carpathia had picked up the survivors and was taking them to New York. He incorporated this in another marconigram to Mr. Hearst, but was again informed that the wireless was tied up with service messages.
Chicago American, Wednesday, April 24, 1912, p. 2, c. 1

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