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Film of the Olympic

These pictures were retouched after the Titanic disaster to eliminate American company flags visible on the other vessels in harbour so that, when re-shown in April 1912, the pictures might represent Titanic at her berth in Southampton.

Camera Position: A-Deck port side (first-class promenade), looking forward.

Camera Position: Forward Well Deck (C-Deck),  in front of, and below the bridge, looking aft.

Description: Passengers relax on deck-chairs. The angled windows to the right are those of the first-class smoke room.  Forward part of this deck on Titanic was enclosed.

Description: As passengers embark harbour crew load luggage and cargo into the 'Bunker Hatch.' Note the winches and Electric crane 'rests.' 


Camera Position: Poop Deck, looking forward.


Camera Position: Either Boatdeck or A-Deck, looking aft.

Description: The camera pans from left to right showing the A-Deck electric cranes, and passengers standing on the boat deck. Windows at centre, bottom are the second class entrance.

Description: Camera pans from right to left for view over Poop Deck (third class promenade), electric cranes and navigating bridge.



Camera Position: Boat in New York harbour.

Camera Position: Boat in New York harbour.

Camera Position: Boat in New York harbour.

Description: Passengers line the decks as the Olympic is pulled by tugs out away from her berth at Pier 54.

Description: Tugs (names obliterated) nudge Olympic away from pier to enable her exit from the harbour.

Description: Olympic prepares to sail as smaller craft pass her.

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