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White Star Liner Arrives After Six Months Undergoing Alterations for Safety
Complete New Inside Hull to Keep Her Afloat in Case of Collision
Bearing no outward evidence of the changes in construction which have made
her practically non-sinkable, the White Star liner Olympic made her first
appearance in over six months in the port of New York to-day. The sister
ship of the ill-starred Titanic brought over 1,563 passengers, 1,080 of whom
were in the steerage.

The Olympic after an uneventful voyage from Southampton arrived off Sandy
Hook late last night and was the first ship cleared at Quarantine after
sunrise this morning. She had started up the Bay when the revenue cutter lay
alongside and the customs inspectors boarded her as she neared the Statue of

Chauncey M. Depew jr., William Church Osborn and Vinie Daly, the actress and
singer, divided dictinction [sic] as some of the notables aboard.

Miss Daly left New York on Jan. 23 for the German baths with the avowed
object of reducing her weight. She has succeeded. When she went away she
confessed that perfectly reliable scales recorded 158 pounds when she
stepped on the platform. To-day she weighs but 127 pounds.

"Diet, exercise and no liquid with meals," said Miss Daly. "That is my
recipe for weight reduction. I am going into vaudeville and keep my
avoirdupois down by hard work. As a prima donna in opera I got fat and I am
no longer ambitious to be a prima donna because all prima donnas get fat."

Jane F. Blood of this city, the daughter of a coal merchant, was the belle
of the voyage. She is evidently as popular at home as she was aboard ship,
for a tug load of young folk went down the bay to meet her, and their tug
trailed along behind the big Olympic from Quarantine to the White Star dock.
Miss Blood, her fellow-voyagers said, wore a beauty spot whenever she
appeared on deck in the saloon, and the spot position shifted so frequently
as to cause comment. Only yesterday, it was asserted, did the passengers
learn that the position of the beauty was a signal to one or another of a
devoted coterie of young men who acted as the continual escorts of Miss
Blood in her constitutionals along the promenades of the vessels.

The stokers of the Olympic filed out on the forecastle deck as the ship
docked and gave a concert through the medium of their "Foo-Foo Band," of
which James Kelly is leader. The instruments used were rattle bones, tin
pans, mouth organs and other instruments of torture.

So much has been said and written of the new bulkheads of the Olympic that
many requests have been made of the White Star Line for permission to
inspect the vessel.

Since she was last in this harbor the Olympic has had a another hull built
underneath her outer skin. It is claimed for her that although she might
encounter an iceberg such as sank the Titanic she would still remain afloat.

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