The Publication Purchased by Caspar Whitney and Ten Other Men
Caspar Whitney, for many years connected with the Harpers as writer on sporting topics, announces that he and ten other men have bought the publication known as Outing, and that he will forthwith become its editor. Those associated with Mr. Whitney are Fletcher Harper, the great grandson of one of the three original founders of Harper & Brothers; Robert Bacon, one of the yachtsmen that sailed the Columbia against the Shamrock; David M. Goodrich, captain of the Harvard '98 crew; S. R. Bertron and Walter Camp, bath old Yale athletes; C. C. Cuyler, the well-known former Princeton athlete; S. F. Houston. the prominent University of Pennslyvania alumnus; T. D. M. Cardeza, who lives in Philadelphia when not seeking new fields for exploration and big game, and Charles Hodgman, an all-round sportsman of St. Louis, who is devoted especially to polo and hunting.

Mr. Whitney announces his intention of developing Outing to the utmost magazine limits in its especial field, which will be further covered by the publication of books, and later a weekly of current comment.

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