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Overcome by Good News

New York Times

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One of the first to appear at the office of the (White Star) company was Edward Frauenthal, of 786 Lexington Ave., who had two brothers on the Titanic, Dr. Hyman and J.C. Frauenthal. Both are reported saved. When he was told that his brothers' names appeared on the Carpathia's list of survivors, Mr. Frauenthal was so overcome that he could hardly walk to the telephone to send the good news to his home. In a voice that was scarcely audible to those near him he called his home number. When Mrs. Frauenthal answered, he broke down and sobbed.

"I tell you they are saved!" he cried in a hoarse voice. "Yes! Yes! They are safe! Do you hear what I say?"

The telephone receiver fell from his hand and Mr. Frauenthal sank to the floor, completely overcome by the good news. Helped to his feet, he turned to the reporters.

"Young men," he said in a broken voice. "Pardon me, but I could not help it. My nerves are all unstrung."


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