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Lady Duff-Gordon Appears far a War Charity---Herman Timberg
A fashion display staged by Lady Duff-Gordon, and including that personage herself as an added attraction, was the mecca that drew an unusually large crowd to the Palace Theatre yesterday afternoon. Lady Duff-Gordon's vaudeville appearance is on behalf of a war charity, and in that cause she presented a rather naive entertainment entitled "Fleurette's Dream at Peronne." Its military environment is rather unnecessary, and an equally striking effect would have been achieved by dropping all pretense of narrative and merely parading the mannequins across the stage.

The program also includes the versatile Herman Timberg, fresh from the Winter Garden, and undeniably an  tentertainer [sic] of parts. Among others on a fairly good bill are Cecil Cunningham and a tabloid musical
comedy entitled "The Reckless Eve."

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