Passenger from Hartford

Peterborough Standard

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Among the second class passengers on board the doomed vessel was Mr. R. C. Coleridge, of Hartford, well-known for the personal interest he took in furthering the Boy Scout movement in the county.

He and the Rev. A. C. Crosfield had intended to spend a holiday together in America.

The rev. gentleman left some days previously to Mr. Coleridge, who had originally intended to travel by another boat, but this did not start owing to the coal strike.

Mr. Coleridge’s father, who is a carpenter at Wisbech, received the following letter from him on Friday, from Queenstown:

"and these few lines will leave Queenstown in an hour’s time. We are just drawing near. As I am writing something like an account of my travels in another book, I shall not say much here – for May (a sister) will forward you her copy to see. She came to Southampton to see me off, and, I hope, got back all right. We are very comfortable indeed – there is nothing wanting, except the use of the gymnasium and swimming bath, which is restricted to first-class passengers. The sea is rather rough for small boats, but our great ship towers so high out of the water that the sea looks quite flat and calm. She rises and sinks hardly at all, and the only noticeable sensation is the jelly-like quivering caused by the ceaseless throbbing of the engines. I have had a jolly warm sea-water bath this morning, and am presently going on deck to us enter Queenstown. After this, I won’t be able to post to you again till New York. By the way, if anything should happen tom me, remember you are entitled to have everything I possess, but Mr. Crossfield is to have first choice of anything he would like to keep for himself. However, I hope, God willing, to greet you both again towards the end of May. Was glad to have you with us at Easter, and hope you had a jolly time. With love and best wishes. Your affectionate son, R. C. Coleridge.’’

This interesting letter was written on notepaper embossed "On board R.M.S. 'Titanic,'" opposite which was a red flag with a white star in the centre.

Mr. Coleridge, who was educated at Walsoken Boys' School, succeeded in his business as an advertising specialist, and he was well-known in Wisbech.  His latest occupation was that of managing director of an advertising agency in London. He was very popular among the Boy Scouts in Huntingdonshire, holding the office of assistant secretary to the Huntingdonshire District Boy Scouts Associstion.

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