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Miss Barbara Guggenheim, Debutante, Offers No Reward
Miss Barbara Hazel Guggenheim, daughter of Mrs. Benjamin Guggenheim of 270 Park Avenue, lost two or three days ago a long string of seed pearls, valued at about $5,000. While Miss Guggenheim has no idea where the pearls disappeared, she is positive they were not stolen and has offered no reward for their recovery.

Miss Guggenheim is one of this year's debutantes. Her engagement to Sigmund Marshall Kempner of 305 West End Avenue was announced recently. When Mr. Kempner was told of a report last night that the necklace was one of far greater value than $5,000 he said the report was exaggerated greatly. It was understood that the loss occurred probably while Miss Guggenheim was shopping, and that by the time she missed the pearls she had visited so many places she had no idea where to look for them.

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