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Congress would give $10,000 to Each---Mrs. Gwinn of This City Would Benefit
WASHINGTON, April 23---Resolutions authorizing $10,000 appropriations for the families of each of the three postal clerks who lost their lives on the Titanic were introduced in the house yesterday by Representative Reilly of Connecticut. The three men were Oscar S. Woody of North Carolina, John S. Marsh [sic] and William M. Gwynn of New York. They were all United States clerks and Gwynn had exchanged trips from another vessel in order to be in New York in time to be present for an operation to be performed on his wife. Mrs. Gwynn is now living in Kingsley street, Asbury Park.

Acting upon information that the bodies of several of the victims of the Titanic disaster had been picked up near the scene of the catastrophe, Senator Martine of New Jersey introduced a resolution requesting the president to send to the place several revenue cutter vessels and to keep them there for at least a month in the hope of finding other bodies. The resolution was referred to the committee on commerce.

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