Letter from Titanic survivor Annie Perreault to her fiancé

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Letter from Titanic survivor Annie Perreault to her fiancé

My dearest Bert,

We left Old Eng at 9;30 this morning & sailed at twelve noon. Their was a terrible crowd at the dock to see this new boat leave on her first voyage. No doubt you have read about the commotion caused by the propellers as we were leaving. Every body on board was dreadfully excited with the exception of me for I knew nothing about it until it was all over. I felt a sudden jerk but took no notice. Anyhow I was thinking of you and counting the months when I hope to see you. This is a tremendous boat, how I would love you to see it dear and explore it with me. I have been just crazy with a headache all day long. I went and lied down directly I got my unpacking done, I met a steward that was on the Adriatic. He insisted on showing me a suite of rooms that cost 40 thousand lbs-. & 4 thousand dollars for the trip across. Apart from that, I have really not seen any of the boat. Those rooms were to occupied today at Cherbourg that is why I was so anxious to see them.

Well Bert dear I cannot believe I have been to Eng & on my way back. I have been so very happy with you. The time went by without knowing it. Never mind a happy day will dawn I hope. When I came in last night Mrs. Hays asked me Had I said good by to you & had we come to any understanding. I simply said, why. She said I thought perhaps you had. Needless to say I kept my hand hid because I wanted to sleep with it on the first night & their is no need of making her wise too soon a couple of weeks will be long enough. I have my ring on now & kiss it every little while & think of you. I was awful lonely saying good by dear, but don't you be. You have trials enough with that horrid job. I do wish you were out of it & your own boss. That too I hope will come. Their is a awful crowd of people on here. I hope Bert dear you wont worrie when you read that account in the paper of us leaving. I am trusting in a higher power & hope we will get over all right. I dot feel nervous in the least. Will you save the cutting dear & send it. Also some day soon will you ring up the operator & thank her for being so kind to 276 I meant to do it myself but really I had not the time. I am writing this before I ago to bed for I may not have time in the morning, but will write the card anyhow. I hope you have not missed your lunch today dear I do feel so sorry when I think of that, but remember you are getting some one that will cook for you when you get forty & going to make up for doing without lunch all those time. Now Boy I must say good bye. I would write a great deal more but what a headache I have & I feel I must have a good sleep. be a good boy wont you dear & pray for me every day. I will drop you a card soon as I reach land.

God bless you & write me soon.

With love Annie

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