Two of those determined to risk the danger of a voyage are survivors of the Titanic disaster

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Five Passengers, Including Titanic Survivors, to Sail on Philadelphia

The sinking of the Lusitania has failed to daunt five Philadelphians who are among the saloon passengers of the American liner Philadelphia, which sails for Europe from this city flying the American flag.

Two of those determined to risk the danger of a voyage are survivors of the Titanic disaster, whose marriage was the culmination of a romance which began when both were rescued from the sea after the White Star catastrophe off Newfoundland. They are Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Daniel.

Mrs. Daniel formerly was Mrs. Eloise Hughes Smith, who was returning from her honeymoon with her husband, Lucien Smith. The latter was drowned when the Titanic went to the bottom of the Atlantic. Later his son, Lucien Smith, was born. Mr. Daniel leaped into the ocean with a life preserver about his waist when the big White Star liner took her final plunge. He was subsequently picked up by the boat containing the woman who is now his wife.

Other Philadelphians who declared this morning they would not postpone their trip are S. G. Folwell, Miss Jennie Green and William Black.

Mr. Daniel declared this morning that he would delay sailing, but business made it necessary to go. In spite of the warnings which were published again in today's newspapers over the signature of the German Embassy, he believes the fact that the Philadelphia flies the American flag will be sufficient protection. He declared he would prefer not to have his wife accompany him, but said she would not allow him to go alone.

Mr. Daniel risked his life In London shortly before engaging passage on the ill-fated Titanic. He saved the life of a friend when fire destroyed the Carlton Hotel in the English metropolis. He met Mrs. Daniel several times after the Titanic disaster, and they were married August 18, 1914, in New York. Mrs. Daniel is a daughter of Congressman James A. Hughes, of Huntington, W. Va.

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