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The foundering the Titanic was the ground of an application at Camelford County Court, on Thursday, when Mrs. Sweet, Port Isaac, applied for payment to her father, Francis Couch, Port Isaac, of £150, compensation paid into Court by the owners of the Titanic in respect of the death of Francis Couch (28).

Deceased had been employed on the ship only a fortnight. The applicant stated that another brother and a young sister lived at home with her father, who had been a cripple for ten years through accidents at sea. and was now unable to leave the house. Deceased had been her father's principal support. A little money was sent her father at the time of the disaster from the relief funds.

Judge Gent made an order for £20 be paid down, and the balance in payments of 10s. per week, with liberty to apply later for the whole, or part, be paid at one time.

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