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Portrait of Rosa Abbott

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Portrait of Rosa Abbott

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  1. Shellsmith67 said:

    i absolutely love the photo of rhoda abbott.i love history.the whole titanic story is something i love researching over and over again.i never get tired of it and never will!

  2. Mallorie Woodruff said:

    Thank you for sharing this heroic story! I was led to learn more about this wonderful lady after not only accidentally googling her name but also ironically "picked" her name at the Titanic exhibit in Las Vegas as a "passenger among the ship". (For anyone that's been to this exhibit you'll know what I'm talking about)...Out of thousands that had a story from this tragedy she seems to find me & I am grateful for it! I feel drawn to her courage and am inspired by her life. Thanks again for the biography.

  3. elenmair15 said:

    I'm studying the Titanic in school and we all had boarding passes of different passengers . Luckily I had Rhoda Abbott so great to get information about her . Sad story but great information for my essay

  4. Kathy D Garner(Abbott) said:

    My name is Kathy Dawn Garner(Abbott). I was born in Florida. I'm trying to find information if I'm related to Rhoda(Rosa) Abbott. I've always been obsessed with Titantic and a fear of drowning. I'm 50 years old and I'm curios if I was related to her husband and her. Just found out that any Abbotts were on Titantic. If anyone knows anything about this please contact me in Massillon Ohio. Very grateful. Thanks and God Bless

  5. grace lovejoy said:

    just because your last name is Abbott does not mean you are realated maybe named after but please let me know if you are that would be extrordinary!!

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