Postcard sent by man who should have been on the Titanic

Postcard sent by man who should have been on the Titanic
This postcard was sent to Miss M. Liesse by a one F. Liesse. The handwriting looks like a man's, but it could have been sent by a maid who travelled with her employers in London, Paris, Baden...) The text at the back of the card reads:

London, 21 April 1912
I have been back in London for a few weeks. I'll be in Paris next week for 3 or 4 days. I must be in Baden about 27 April. I'll send you a line when I arrive. I sent a word to Chatigny. I hope you still are in good health.
Best wishes for your health.
F. Liesse
I have been asked to travel on this ship, and I was right to refuse

No one knows in what quality F. Liesse was asked to undertake a trip on 'this ship' and why he or she refused. Another name in the 'I-should-have-been-on-board-the-Titanic-but-was-not-for-some-reason" list.

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