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Women Compare Their Conduct to That of "Miserable Specimens"
Special to The New York Times
EAST ORANGE, N. J., April 19---High praise was given to-day to John Jacob Astor, Maj. Butt, Vice President Thayer of the Pennsylvania Railroad, Howard Case of the Vacuum Oil Company, Clarence Moore, George D. Widener, and other men who stood aside for the women in the wreck of the Titanic, by Mrs. John C. Hogeboom, her sister, Miss Kornelia T. Andrews, and their niece, Miss Gretchen F. Longley of Hudson, N. Y. They are recuperating from their experiences at the home of another sister, Mrs. Arthur H. Flack, at 458 Central Avenue, East Orange.

Miss Andrews told to-day how they waited for the fourth lifeboat, because there was not room for the three together in the first three boats. When they got out on the water they found that their men companions, who had said they could row, had done so only for the purpose of saving themselves. Miss Longley had to take an oar with the one able-bodied seaman in the boat.

In a boat alongside of them a sailor lighted a cigarette. He flung the match carelessly among the women, who screamed their protests.

"Ah, we're all going to the devil, anyway," replied the sailor," and we might as well be cremated now as then."

"The discipline on the Titanic, in a way, was good," said Mrs. Hogeboom. "No one hurried and no one crowded. We waited for the fourth boat and were slowly lowered seventy-five feet to the water. The men made no effort to get into the boat. As we pulled away we saw them all standing in an unbroken line on the deck.["]


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