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Major Butt Was to Have Returned to Capital Shortly
Major Archibald Butt, military aid to President; Clarence Moore, prominent in Washington social and financial circles, as well as one of the city’s best known horsemen; Frank D. Millet, one of the best known artists in this country and member of the National Fine Arts Commission, and Col. Archibald Gracie, prominent in New York and Washington social and financial circles, are the Washington representatives on board the crippled Titanic.

Major Butt was returning to America after a six weeks’ absence, during which time he toured a part of Europe and paid a special visit to the Pope. Major Butt was to have returned to Washington the middle of the week.

Mr. Millet, the Washington artist aboard the Titanic, closed up his studio, at 1215 Wisconsin avenue, Georgetown, several weeks ago, for a business trip to London. He was on his way to Washington to make preparations for undertaking a big decorating contract in Cleveland. Since his departure for London his studio has been closed, with not even a servant in charge. He keeps bachelor's quarters.

During his stay in London Mr. Millet gave much study to several schemes which the commission of which he is a member is to considering relative to the beautification of Washington.

Miss Gracie Shocked

Miss Edith Gracie, daughter of Col. Archibald Gracie, is the only member at the family at the Gracie home in Sixteenth street this morning. She is shocked by the news of the steamship accident and is anxiously awaiting further news from the threatened disaster. Mrs. Archibald Gracie is out of the city. Word is expected from her later in the day, as it is probable she will hear the news of the steamship accident and communicate with her daughter.

“I hardly know what to say or think," said Miss Gracie this morning. "Why, only yesterday I received a letter from father which he addressed to me from Southampton, England. He told me in the letter that he would be home in a few days and I was awaiting word from mother as to whether we both should meet the Titanic or not.

"Mother left Washington about a week ago. She did not tell me her plans, but said that she would write in a few days. I am expecting to hear from her at any minute.

"My father, who was operated on several months ago, went to Europe to recuperate. He had regained his health, and by the tenor of his letter anticipated surprising us by the wonders his trip had worked in building up his constitution. It is too terrible to think of, but I am hoping against hope that he will come through the perils of the accident without harm.”

The Gracies are from Mobile, Ala., and are wealthy. Colonel Gracie is the son of Col. Archibald Gracie, formerly a prominent Alabamian. Mrs. Gracie is of Danish parents and boasts of royal ancestry.

Mr. Moore Due Soon

Clarence Moore, of 1748 Massachusetts avenue northwest, went abroad nearly a month ago. His wife, who was formerly Miss Mabelle Swift, daughter of E. C. Swift, of Boston, stated today he went on a pleasure trip, expecting to return home the latter part of this week.

Mr. Moore, who has made Washington his home since 1890, is a prominent banker, clubman, and horseman. He was born at Clarksburg, W. Va., March 1, 1865, and soon after the completion of his scholastic education became interested in exploring and developing various West Virginia coal mining, oil, and timber properties. In 1891 he became associated with W. B. Hibbs in the formation of the banking and brokerage firm of Hibbs & Co.

Among the clubs Mr. Moore has been associated with are the Metropolitan, Alibi, and Chevy Chase Clubs, of Washington, and the New York Yacht Club, of New York, and the Travelers Club, of Paris.

Dispatches state that Mr. Moore purchased fifty couples of hounds from the best packs in the north of England, and will ship them to America for use with the Loudoun Hunt in Virginia, of which he is master. While abroad Mr. Moore witnessed the Grand National run.


Mark Baber, USA


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