In the House of Commons yesterday

Lord Charles Beresford (U, Portsmouth) asked the President of the Board of Trade whether there was any later news as to the Titanic.

The Prime Minister, who replied, said the news received by the Board of Trade that morning from the White Star Company was in these terms: -

“Olympic reports that the Carpathia reached the Titanic’s position at daybreak. She found boats and wreckage only. Titanic had foundered about 2.20 in 41.16N, 50.14W. All her boats are accounted for. About 675 souls are saved of the crew and passengers, the latter all nearly women and children. Leyland liner Californian is remaining searching the position of the disaster. The Carpathia is returning to New York with the survivors.”

No further news has yet been received by the Board of Trade. Perhaps the House will allow me to add this: - I am afraid we must brace ourselves to confront one of those terrible events in the order of Providence which baffle foresight, which appal the imagination, and which make us feel the inadequacy of words to do justice to what we feel. (Hear, Hear) We cannot say more at this moment than to give a necessarily imperfect impression to our sense of admiration that the best traditions of the sea seem to have been observed. – (Cheers) – in the willing sacrifices which were offered

To give the first chance of safety to those who were least able to help themselves – (Renewed Cheers) – and to the warm and heartfelt sympathy of the whole nation with those who find themselves suddenly bereft of their nearest and their dearest in their desolated homes. (Sympathetic cheers).

Mr Bottomley (L, Hackney E.) - I desire to ask the President of the Board of Trade whether he will consider the importance of framing a regulation preventing British passenger ships to New York during the late winter and early spring for adopting the Northern Atlantic route for the purpose of breaking records amongst the loviathan liners, and whether he will state what proportion of lifeboat accommodation the Titanic bore to the number of passengers and crew.

The President of the Board of Trade (Mr Buxton) asked for notice of the questions.


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