William Edward Hipkins (1858 - 1912) MIMechE

Member of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers

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William Edward Hipkins (1858 - 1912) MIMechE

Elected: Member of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, 1898

Designation: Managing Director

Business address: Soho Foundry, Smethwick, Birmingham

Proposed by: T Bernard Hall

Seconded by: Samuel W Johnson

Supported by: W R Avery, Henry Lea, J S Taylor

Date of birth: [1846] [sic]

W E Hipkins received his education from 1868 until 1872 at the Birmingham Grammar School, afterwards until 1875 by private tutors while travelling the United States & the Continent. From 1875 until 1879 he served his time at his father's works (G F Hipkins, Engineer's toolmaker and machinist) & from 1880 until 1882 was in the Drawing Office of same.

From 1883 until 1885 was assistant manager

From 1886 until 1889 was manager of same

From 1890 until 1895 was manager of J & E Wright Ltd, steel rope manufacturers & cable-way engineers, Birmingham.

Since then has been manager of James Watt & Co. (late Boulton & Watt) engineers, Soho Foundry. Is also managing director of W T Avery Limited weighing machinists & engineers.

Author of the book "The wire rope & its applications"

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