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Victim Spends Year on Trail of Asserted Fleecers


SAN JOSE, July 4. (AP) - Charged with swindling J. T. Taylor, retired New Yorker, out of $27,000 in a fake horse race deal, C. W. Coleman 55 years of age, and George Brereton, 60, said by officers to be members of the Maybury gang, are in the County Jail here in lieu of $30,000 cash bail each.
The pair were arrested at dawn this morning in Yosemite National Park by Sherriff William J. Emig, Deputy Sherriff Howard Buffington and park rangers on warrants sworn here on Monday when Taylor arrived with word that a friend had spotted the pair in the park, where Taylor had made their acquaintance about a year ago, leading to his placing $27,000 with them as a bet on a horse race supposedly taking place in Omaha. He had been hunting them ever since.

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