Radios from notable passengers

"The next day, which was Sunday, we passed the Titanic, receiving many friendly radios from our friends on board. Personally, I exchanged messages with Mr. Isadore Strauss ( sp ) and Mr. John Jacob Astor. Captain Barr received a wireless from Mrs. Spedden, of Philadelphia ( sp ). who had sailed in the Caronia to the Mediterranean; she had with her her son, who had been a great chum of the captain."

Charles Spedding (1926) Reminiscences of Transatlantic Travellers, Chapter 7. The Sinking of the "Titanic"

Charles Spedding was the purser aboard the Caronia at the time of the Titanic sinking. He later survived the sinking of the Laconia. He ended his career with Cunard as the purser of the Aquitania. He went on to write a book about his career at sea.

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