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Arthur Keefe Passenger on Liner Titanic
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Rahway, April 16---Almost frantic with anxiety and grief, Mrs. Margaret O’Brien, of 90 Monroe street, is to-day awaiting further tidings of the great steamship Titanic, on board of which [sic] was her brother, Arthur Keefe, who also resides at 90 Monroe street. Mr. Keefe was a first cabin passenger and one of the few Jerseymen aboard the big boat when it encountered the iceberg and was the only one from this immediate section. As practically all of those reported saved at noon to-day are women and children, it is feared that Mr. Keefe perished with the 1,500 other unfortunate souls.

Post cards were received yesterday by Mrs. O’Brien and her daughter and also by Mrs. Walter I. Springer announcing that Mr. Keefe would sail from Southampton on April 10 on the Titanic and as nothing has since been heard of him it is thought almost certain that he was on the ill-fated vessel. It was expected that Mr. Keefe would arrive in this city by to-morrow, and as he is one of the best-known and most popular citizens of the East Rahway section, plans were being made by the National Fife and Drum Corps of that section to escort him from the train and give him a royal welcome home.

Mr. Keefe is unmarried and lives with his sister in Monroe street, where they conduct a small store. He is quite an extensive property owner and is popularly known as the “Mayor of East Rahway.” Two months ago Mr. Keefe left this city for a tour of Ireland, England and Scotland and at frequent intervals during that time his relatives and many friends in this city have received pretty post card views of the various places visited in the British Isles and all were looking forward with pleasure to his home-coming.

Hoping to the end, Mrs. O’Brien is anxiously awaiting news of her brother and is almost prostrated with her deep anxiety and grief that no further news may ever be heard from him.

Other Jerseymen on the Titanic were: W. A Roebling, 2d, son of C. G. Roebling, of the well-known Roebling Brothers of Trenton, and his traveling companion, Stephen Weart Blackwell, who had been taking an automobile trip through Europe for his health, also C. E. Henry Stengel and his wife, of Newark, senior member of the firm of Stengel & Rothchilds, leather manufacturers, and Henry Blank, of the firm of Whiteside & Blank. All of these are expected lost.

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