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C. J. E. Clayton Feared All His Family Had Perished
As the details of the Titanic disaster were being thrown out by The Times bulletins shortly before midnight, a well dressed man on the arm of a friend wedged his way through the crowd, and glancing at the bulletins, fell fainting to the sidewalk.

Someone in the crowd of spectators who saw the incident called the attention of Patrolman [sic] Rickert and Delaney, stationed in Forty-third Street, to the man's condition. As the patrolmen approached the man, prostrate on the pavement, he moaned:

"My God, my two brothers and my little daughter were on that sbip. And I lost my wife and other child in the San Francisco earthquake. I had been waiting seven years for the return of my little girl and brothers."

The man gave his name as C. J. E. Clayton, living at the Hotel Prince George. The patrolmen put him in the care of his friend, who took him to his apartment. His brother-in-law, George A. Brayton, was saved.

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