Red Cross Committee report

Bracken, Mr. James. H. Missing. American. Home New Mexico.

(From The Emergency and Relief booklet by the American Red Cross, 1913).

No. 51. (American). Husband, travelling alone, was drowned. He was carrying with him in cash between $3,000 and $4,000. There was no life insurance. he leaves an invalid wife, 30 years of age, and her mother 77 years old, dependent. Her physician states that she can never hope to be in any better health, and that she will never be able to do even light, regular work. The only resource is a homestead of 160 acres, in New Mexico, upon which she must live two more years before her claim can be proved. This land is unproductive until irrigated. It is her plant to remain on the land until the title is secured and then to sell the place. A trust fund has been established for her by this Committee. From other relief funds she has received $108.74. ($5,300).

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