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Titanic Crew members with relatives on board


List of Titanic crew members who had relatives on board.

  1. Ernest Owen Abbott was brother-in-law to William James Frances Revell who was married to Abbott's sister Blanche.
  2. Albert Edward Akerman and Joseph Frank Akerman were brothers.
  3. Ernest Frederick Allen and Frederick Charles Blades were uncle and nephew respectively although raised as brothers as Blades was born illegitimately to Ernest's elder sister Amelia.
  4. Charles Edward Andrews was first cousin to George Edward Roberton on the former's mother's side.
  5. Edward Henry Bagley and Edward James William Rogers were paternal first cousins.
  6. Henry Joseph Bailey and Arthur John Bright were brothers-in-law; Bright was married to Henry's sister Ada.
  7. Mabel Kate Pilgrim Bennett was sister-in-law to Alfred George Crawford and aunt to Leonard Hoare. Crawford was the husband of her sister Emily and Hoare was the son of her sister Sarah Louisa. By default Crawford was uncle by marriage to Hoare.
  8. Walter Alexander Bishop and Edward Castleman were brothers-in-law; Castleman was married to Bishop's sister Martha.
  9. Robert John Butt and William Henry Butt were brothers.
  10. George Henry Chitty and Archibald George Chitty were father and son.
  11. Frederick Charles Clench and George James Clench were brothers.
  12. James Crimmins and Thomas Russell Kerr were brothers-in-law; Kerr was married to Crimmins' sister Johanna.
  13. John Davis and Stephen James Davis were brothers.
  14. Frederick Doel and Charles Olive were half-brothers; they shared the same mother.
  15. Henry Herman Finch was related by marriage and nephew to John Brown Niven.
  16. Ernest Hamilton was brother-in-law to Andrew Latimer; Latimer was married to Hamilton's sister Janet.
  17. John Hardy and Owen Wilmore Samuel were related by marriage; they were married to sisters Harriett and Elizabeth Lamb.
  18. Charles Samuel Harris and Clifford Henry Harris were brothers.
  19. Edward Mathew Harris was the intended brother-in-law of Michael Joseph
  20. Rogers. Rogers was engaged to be married to Harris' sister Mary.
  21. William Walter Hawkesworth and James Hawkesworth were brothers.
  22. William Albert Thomas Hebb was brother-in-law Albert Sylvanus Hunt; Hunt was married to Hebb's sister Elizabeth. Albert's brother Thomas Hunt was also aboard.
  23. William Edward Hine and Frederick Charles Godwin were brothers-in-law; Godwin was married to Hine's sister Emily.
  24. Walter Hurst was son-in-law to William Mintram; he was married to the latter's daughter Rosina.
  25. Charles John Hurst and Charles Edward Judd were maternal first-cousins.
  26. George Alfred Levett and John William Marriott were brothers-in-law; Levett was married to Marriott's sister Nellie.
  27. Frank Long and William Long were brothers.
  28. William Arthur Lucas was brother-in-law to Montague Vincent Mathias; Mathias was married to Lucas' sister Gertrude.
  29. Arthur William May and Arthur William May Jnr were father and son.
  30. Arthur McMicken and Benjamin McMicken were brothers.
  31. James Norris and Henry Dennis Witt were maternal first cousins.
  32. Henry Noss and Bertram Arthur Noss were uncle and nephew respectively; the latter was the son of Henry's brother William.
  33. Alfred John Olliver and Walter Perkis were related by marriage, married to sisters Amelia and Phoebe Perkins, respectively.
  34. Alberto Perrachio and Sebastiano Perrachio were brothers.
  35. William Charles Perren and Charles Eastman were brothers-in-law; they were married to sisters Maud and Emily Feltham.
  36. Edgar Lionel Perry and Henry Frederick Perry were brothers.
  37. Alfred Pugh and Arthur Percy Pugh were brothers.
  38. John Edward Puzey and Walter Thomas Boothby were related through marriage; Puzey's brother-in-law William Stone was married to Boothby's sister Ada.
  39. Robert Thomas Reid and Henry Allen were brothers-in-law; Allen was married to Reid's sister Cecilia.
  40. Charles James Savage and Sidney Conrad Siebert were brothers-in-law; Siebert was married to Savage's sister Winifred.
  41. Harry John Slight and William Henry James Slight were brothers.
  42. Edward Alfred Orlando Stroud and Harry John Stroud were paternal first cousins.
  43. Frank Terrill and Bertram Terrill were brothers.
  44. William Vear and Henry Vear were brothers.
  45. The Morris/Bryant crewmen were reportedly brothers.
  46. James Cooper and Henry Cooper were seemingly brothers.
  47. The now infamous Joseph Dawson was reportedly engaged to one of the sisters of Arthur John Priest.
  48. Walter Hurst : William Ferris was his uncle

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