The San Francisco Call

John Bartholomew, son of John Bartholomew, head of the commissary of the
Titanic, is staying at the St. Francis. Young Bartholomew is a traveling
agent of a large linen house of England and is here on one of his regular
business trips.

He said last evening that his father usually remains in England, but had
taken passage on the new steamship to see that everything went in first
class shape. He was deeply affected by the news and went to his room hoping
for news telling of the rescue of his father.

Edgar Meyer, a New York banker, brother of Mrs. Abe Stern, who makes her
home at the Fairmont, was a passenger on the Titanic with Mrs. Meyer. Mrs.
Stern lost her husband recently, and the possibility of a second bereavement
in the family upset her terribly. Meyer also is the brother of Mrs. Samuel
W. Heller of this city. He formerly lived in San Francisco and has many
friends here.


[Note: John Bartholomew, White Star's Southampton victualling
superintendent, was in fact not on Titanic; see

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