Relatives at Hurontown eagerly await some news

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Included among the passengers on the lost steamer Titanic were four young Cornishmen bound for Houghton to take employment in the Isle Royal Mine. Their relatives at Hurontown eagerly await some news of them and up to last night were still hoping that they would be reported among the saved.

The four are:

  • Fred Banfield, 29, brother of John Banfield of Hurontown. 
  • Charles Fillbrook, 19, nephew of George Fillbrook of Hurontown. 
  • Fred Andrews, coming to join James Andrews, a distant relative, Hurontown.
  • - Sobey, christian name unknown, a youth coming with the first three first named to try his fortune in the copper mines.

The Hurontown friends and relatives of the four were advised when they sailed in the Titanic and eagerly awaited their coming.

Fred Banfield is the only married man of the party, (sic) leaving a young wife in Cornwall to await the time when he could send for her.

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