Report to Marconi Traffic Manager [Extract]

Harold Bride, Junior Marconi operator in his Report of April 27th to W. B. Cross, Traffic Manager, Marconi Co. says:

Just at this moment the Captain said: ''You cannot do any more; save yourselves.'' Leaving the Captain we climbed on top of the house comprising the officers' quarters and our own. Here I saw the last of Mr. Phillips, for he disappeared, walking aft. I now assisted in pushing off the collapsible boat on to the Boat Deck. Just as the boat fell, I noticed Captain Smith dive from the bridge into the sea. Then followed a general scramble out on to the Boat deck, but no sooner had we got there than the sea washed over. I managed to catch hold of the boat we had previously fixed up and was swept overboard with her. I then experienced the most exciting three or four hours anyone can reasonably wish for, and was, in due course with the rest of the survivors, picked up by the Carpathia. As you probably heard, I got on the collapsible boat the second time, which was, as I had left it, upturned. I called Phillips but got no response. I learned later from several sources that he was on this boat and expired even before we were picked up by the Titanic's lifeboat (number 12). I am told that fright and exposure were the causes of his death. So far as I can find out, he was taken on board the Carpathia and buried at sea from her, though for some reason the bodies of those who died were not identified before burial from the Carpathia, and so I cannot vouch for the truth of this.

Lot 46 Christies auction sale 14th April 1992.

A highly important manuscript 10 page letters signed Harold S Bride addressed to W R Cross at 294 West 29th Street New York dated 27th April 1912 and giving Bride's account of his experiences.

Extracts from the letter are printed thus:

W R Cross Esq.

Dear Sir,

Hearing of the conflicting reports concerning the loss of the Titanic which are being spread around I think it is advisable for me to give you to the best of my ability a true account of the disaster so that the Marconi Company may be in full possession of all the facts.

I regret to say my memory fails me with regard to the time of the occurrence or any of the preceding incidents but otherwise I am sure of all my statements.

The night before the disaster Mr. Phillips and myself had had a deal of trouble owing to the leads from the secondary of the transformer having burnt through inside the casing and making contact with certain iron bolts holding the woodwork and frame together, thereby earthing the power to a great extent.

After binding the leads with rubber tape we once more had the apparatus in perfect working condition but not before, we had put in nearly six hours work, Mr. Phillips...

last page of letter reads . . .

I am now staying with relatives and waiting orders from the Marconi Company here, who have been most considerate and kind, bringing me much needed clothes and looking after me generally.

I am glad to say I can now walk around, the sprain in my left foot being much better, though my right foot remains numbed from the exposure and cold, but causes me no pain or inconvenience whatever.

I greatly appreciate the cable the Company so kindly sent me and thank them for the same.

Trusting this report will be satisfactory until my return to England.

I beg to remain

Yours faithfully

Harold L. Bride.

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