Reported Missing: E. H. Wheadon

Guernsey Weekly Press

Mr. E.H. Wheadon was in his 67th year. He was the head of the agricultural firm of E.H. Wheadon and Sons, Couture. He was a man of most kindly nature and charitable disposition. Among the members of the family and their very wide circle of friends his loss has come as a tremendous blow, which is also felt in a very real sense by the large staff of workmen and women.

Mr. Wheadon was a member of the Central Donzaine of St. Peter Port and was for many years on the Committee of the R.G.A. and H.S., and the Committee of the Growers' Association. He was intimately connected with the activities of Ebenezer Wesleyan Chapel, of which he was a Trustee.

Mr. Wheadon had three sons, Messrs. Edward T., George, and Herbert Wheadon, and two daughters, Mrs. J.W. Spiller and Mrs. J. Bourgaize. He was crossing on the Titanic to pay an extended visit to Mr. and Mrs. Bourgaize at their home at Rhode Island, U.S.A., and left the island on Easter Monday for Southampton

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