Reported Port Isaac Victim

It is greatly feared that Mr. Frank Couch, registered in the Titanic as 28, A.B., of Port Isaac, is among the victims of that terrible disaster. On Saturday last there was a ray of hope, the name of Church appearing among the survivors, but a wire arrived and confirmed the name as F. Clinch. Out of the 30 A.B.’s on the ill-fated ship it appears 26 are saved. It is generally thought here that Couch was one of four reported to have died at the oars of the boats, through the terrible exposure. He was a very upright, kindly, and bright young man, always ready to help where needed. He was a member of the local Liberal Club. Much sympathy goes out to his father (Capt. F. Couch, of Canadian Terrace). Capt. Couch is feeling the blow heavily, not long ago having lost his wife, and but a few years ago his eldest son, the captain of the ill-fated schooner Tregea. Young Frank was at home only about two months since. He was for some considerable time a Naval Reserve man.

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