RESCUED From The Sinking Titanic Was Charles Burgess

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Nephew of Mrs. Brining Of This City

A Telegram Received Here from White Star Line

The following telegram was received from New York shortly before noon today:

Charles Burgess arrived on the Carpathia safe and well.

Sailing Lapland Saturday.

White Star Line

The telegram was in response to a telegram sent by Mr. Brining Friday morning to the White Star Company in New York, inquiring as to the safety of Mr. Burgess, who is a nephew of Mrs. John L Brining.  The telegram brought the cheerful news that Mr. Burgess had been saved and that he will return to Liverpool on Saturday

Mr. Burgess was in the culinary department of the Titanic, being employed as a baker.  When news of the sinking ship came it was supposed by relatives that he had been lost when the ship went down.

Mr. Brining is expecting a letter from his nephew which will probably give some details of the sinking of the Titanic and the thrilling story of his rescue.

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