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"A tragedy so great that it forever gives its survivors a common bond was the sinking of the Titanic. Sgt. John Collins was so impressed by his experiences of that famous occasion that he is trying to form a Titanic Association. He found three other Titanic survivors in Toronto, and last night a reunion dinner was held to commemorate the occasion and it is planned that this meeting may be the nucleus for a world-wide Titanic association.
Mrs. E. Bliss, Mrs. D.D. Mann, and Mrs. E.A. Mellinger met at the home of Mrs. Mann. Sgt. Collins, a member of the crew, was picked up by the same lifeboat in which Mrs. Bliss, also a member of the crew, was saved. "I remember him distinctly," said Mrs. Bliss, "He was at the rudder and had only a pair of overalls and a thin cotton vest on. There was a lady, well wrapped up with a fur coat over her arm. I asked her to give it to Mr. Collins, and she did, but he didn't keep it long. There was a woman with just a nightgown on and when Sgt. Collins saw her, he immediately gave her the coat.

Mrs. Mann recalled that she spent over six hours in the open lifeboat with her mother. "Our boat was lashed to some of the others to keep s from losing sight of each other. Mother lost her hearing due to the shock. There was a lady in our boat well wrapped up with coats, but she started to complain about conditions in the boat,"

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