Rescued Tottenville Woman Describes Disaster

Perth Amboy Evening News

With the memories of that terrible calamity still fresh in her mind and visions of the awful scenes still before her, Miss Mary Davis, twenty-eight years old, a survivor of the Titanic, is at the home of her sister, Mrs. Austin Langford, 94 Sprague avenue, Tottenville, suffering from shock and exposure as a result of her experience in the life boat she was rescued from by the steamer Carpathia, of the Cunard Steamship company.

Miss Davis is confined to her bed and is under the care of Dr. Walker, Washington, of Main street, Tottenville, and is not allowed to be seen by anyone outside the family.

Asleep In Berth at Time.

Through her sister Miss Davis relates some of the horrible scenes of Sunday night. She says that she was in her berth asleep when the ship struck the iceberg at 11:45 o’clock and the shock awoke her. She got out quickly and was told there was no danger. When she asked what all the commotion was about, she was told that it was only a drill because of the new ship. She went back to bed again and remained there about ten minutes. By that time everything was in confusion.

Miss Davis was on deck to learn what the trouble was and was told if she wanted to be saved from the sinking ship she would have to leave at once. When she returned to her state room a man was passing who told her that she had better get out or she would be locked in. She quickly put a heavy coat on over her night dress and was soon on deck.

With a number of other women she was put into a life boat. The boat had to be cut from the davits and it dropped to the water. Miss Davis fell overboard and was fished out unconscious and placed in the bottom of the craft. When she came too, she said women were sitting on her legs and almost crushing her.

Didn’t Hear Band Play

She was unconscious for about two hours and declares she does not remember hearing the band play as the Titanic went down. Miss Davis is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Davis, of Fleet Lane, Old Bailey, London, England, and is one of the family of three daughters and two brothers, all who are in England, with the exception of herself and Mrs. Langford, who came over to this country a few years ago.

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