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Restaurant à  la Carte coupon (back)

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Restaurant à  la Carte coupon (back)

In addition to the regular dining saloon there is on each of these steamers a large modern à la carte restaurant on deck B, where meals may be obtained at any time between 8 am and 8 pm at fixed charges, as shown on the bill of fare issued from day to day.

The restaurant is under the management of the company.

If the passage is taken entirely without meals in the regular dining saloon, an allowance of £3 per adult will be made of the ocean rate, accepting that on rates of £35 per adult and upwards the allowance will be £5 per adult.

This reduction in fare, however, can only be granted when passengers announce their intention to book without meals and of making use of the restaurant, at the time of purchasing the ticket, and no rebate for the reduction can be made under any other circumstances.

Passengers wishing to use the restaurant should apply on board to the manager for reservation of seats

This is the back of the coupon that was to be found inside the brochure the White Star Line handed to 1st and 2nd class passengers, presenting the Restaurant à la Carte. This one was saved by Mme Laroche.


Olivier Mendez, France


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